inspired by pure values

Our product name emerged by connecting past and future.
To constantly remind us of our core goal which is to express
the pure values ​​of the ancient tradition as we inherited them,
with the modern thought and technology assistance.

Namaste is respect to life inside you. Is a greeting and it means
that ”light and life within me bow to your own inside light”. ”The
light within us that can not be described in words greets your own
uniqueness, your own completeness, your own beauty, the light of
your soul”. Namaste means we are all the same.. We are the light
of love, of kindness, of peace!  It is the most beautiful we can say
to each other..!

Great Taste Logo Bottles

SINCE 2007

In 2007, driven by our desire to make pure food without chemicals
and artificial ingredients and respect to tradition wisdom, we began
to create modern, functional foods, intended to contribute to the
promotion of good body health and spirit.

Differentiated from so many foods with countless additives on
the  market, we wanted to give back to all quality food inspired
by the past, made for the nutritional future of us all.